I am Rob Wakefield. I am the founder of Propello, a  Level 3 Cycling Coach with the Association of British Cycling Coaches and a Level 1 Certified Coach with Training Peaks. Following 15 years of life in the corporate world I decided that I wanted to change my life and do something that I was truly passionate about.  Following a childhood in Devon trying to kill myself on a variety of dodgy bikes, I took part in my first organised cycling event in 2000 in a very unfit state, on a mountain bike, and pretty much hated the entire 6 hours of it. Since then I have taken part in many events (in much much faster times!) and I continue to compete in many major cycling events in the UK and in Europe such as the Tour of Wessex, La Marmotte, Maratona Dles Dolomites, Tour of Cambridge, Velathon Wales, Liege Bastogne Liege, Time Megeve, L’Eroica to name just a few.

My experience in the corporate world, holding down a demanding job with long hours and constant deadlines, and having a young family, means that I have an unusual insight for a cycling coach into the demands of balancing training, work and family life. If you love cycling and performing amazingly at events but struggle with time then Propello is the coach for you.

All the Propello Training and Coaching services are founded on three overriding principles:

  1. Understand our clients lives, aspirations, passions and ambitions and take time to listen, encourage and motivate.
  2. Deliver excellence in everything we do, ask for feedback so that we can improve what we deliver.
  3. Constantly innovate by keeping up to date with new ideas, through education and listening to what other riders and coaches have to say.

Propello is all about helping you develop into the individual athlete you want to be. We are passionate about communicating with people and have successfully motivated high performing individuals both in the workplace and on a bike. Our clients are wonderfully diverse. From a 16 year old with massive potential starting out racing to a 65 year old man who is still competing in endurance events such as Ironman. From beginners taking their first revolutions in our local classes to a variety of professional people who love competing and taking part in the growing number of ‘pro’ level sportives across Europe.

We love technology and its application to performance sports. Propello Coaching and Training offers the type of  high quality, sophisticated and cutting edge training processes that were, until recently, the preserve of elite or professional cyclists.

Technology has the power to democratise further the socially inclusive nature of cycling. That for us is an exciting and motivating opportunity to help more cyclists reach their goals and realise their potential.

Cycling has given me the motivation to change my life. At Propello I want to give you the opportunity to change yours. Please contact us for more details.