Testing using power is a scientifically proven way to assess changes in performance in a totally quantifiable way. Everything else being equal, an improvement in power will result in an improvement in performance. For anyone who is training regularly, understanding whether or not you are improving should be a key element of the training programme. If you are not improving, either you are doing the same things year in year out expecting different results, or your training programme is ineffective.

We offer a range of performance tests on our Wattbike at Carb cycles Barnstaple which measure various cycling abilities. Alternatively we can supervise all tests on the road for experienced cyclists with their own power meter.  All prices cover the duration of the test supervised by a Level 3 coach and a follow up email with the results.

  1. Sprint Test measuring neuromuscular power. Test lasts up to 60 minutes –  £45
  2. Anaerobic Test measuring anaerobic power. Test lasts up to 60 minutes – £45
  3. VO2Max Test measuring power at aerobic capacity. Test lasts up to 60 minutes £45
  4. FTP test measuring threshold power. Test lasts up to 60 minutes £45 (depending on exact test taken)
  5. Efficiency Test measuring base aerobic fitness. Test lasts 60 minutes £45
  6. Sub and max ramp test. Test lasts up to 60 minutes £45
  7. Full Power profile. Tests take multiple sessions £225

Please CONTACT US to find out which test is suitable for you.

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