Stephen is TFH’s head personal trainer and has helped clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.

Stephen started his career in healthcare, and has witnessed through immediate family and through his work, what chronic illness can do to an individual’s physical health and well-being. Sport and fitness have always been a big part of his life, and through a degree in sport and career in healthcare Stephen started to understand the importance of leading an active life. It is this that led him to become a personal trainer and its now Stephen’s passion to educate and motive clients through fitness and nutrition.

“I strongly believe in the necessity for an active lifestyle, encompassing a balance of all the compulsory components of fitness”

Since qualifying as a personal trainer, it has given Stephen great satisfaction to pass along his existing knowledge and enthusiasm with the highest standard of service, and professionalism to those wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Fitness Hub training environment has been created to not only motivate but empower individuals to continually challenge in an enjoyable and fulfilling way.

Stephen is always reminded of the positive effects exercise has on his own physical and psychological well-being, and he has an appreciation for what bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing. Because of this Stephen endeavours to provide his clients with the training tools that will help them exceed their individual goals, through innovative program design and a passion for health and fitness, and Stephen will help you achieve your true potential.

“I want to share my enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle, and help you realise what your body is capable of. I believe that with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals”

What to expect?
Stephen will start each client off with an in-depth assessment. This procedure involves taking a close look at your injury history, training experience, goals, and many more factors. Stephen will identify exactly what you are capable of doing to reach those goals from day one.

Using the information gathered, he will design an individualized training program.

You will be closely coached through the entirety of the program.

Sue Cycling Coach

Sue’s passion is cycling & as a Level 2 British Cycling Coach she also works for Propello (cycling coaching) with her main aim being to get as many women on a bike. Sue not only runs some of the Wattbike classes in the Omnium studio she also has input in the designing of the classes. Wattbikes might appear scary & only for proper cyclists, however they are great tools for anyone looking to improve there fitness or recovering from an injury. This is why you find professional sportsman from boxers to footballers to rugby players using them to improve there game.

Jerry Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer & Educator

Jerry Powell initially trained in the fitness industry, beginning 25 years ago & leading to developing his own personal training company with a team of trainers & therapists.

He was lured away from this by “McLaren Formula 1” to research & develop a
Human Performance Laboratory & Sports Medicine Team in 1995.

During his tenure, the F1 & F3000 teams won numerous World Championships.
Jerry also designed, with Adidas, new racing boots for David Coulthard, as well as development of the Drivers’ overalls, helmets, in-car drinks system, the car seat & the Fitness Centre for McLaren’s new factory.

Shortly after leaving McLaren, Jerry was contracted to design & develop an on-board Fitness Suite for the World’s largest private ‘Mega-Yacht.’

From 2002-2014 Jerry has utilised his knowledge of exercise, sports medicine & massage to practice a combination of these physical therapies within his clinical practice. He also uses this same knowledge as the basis to teach weekend workshops; initially to physiotherapy & osteopathy students but with increasing frequency to massage therapists looking for a deeper understanding of a client’s presentation to assist them in developing a Treatment Plan & their soft tissue techniques.

Since 2010 Jerry has continued to add to his continual professional development by training with ‘Intelligent Training Systems’ to become one of their Tutors to deliver their Sports Massage course & Biomechanics Trainer modules.

Jonny Personal Trainer

From personal experience I understand the challenges that can be faced when sometimes the impossible is what you seem to be faced with. As your personal fitness trainer my aim is to install lifestyle change over a steady period: better for your health and body than yoyo dieting and crash courses. This process also serves to provide a more sustainable change in creating you, a fitter and healthier individual.

Following a lifelong love of sport, I trained in sports science which I took into youth work, co-ordinating to youth sports programs.

My personal battle began with a car crash that put an end to my participation in competitive sport, in fact, any exercise at all other than physiotherapy exercises. Missing the positive feelings triggered by exercise, along with the weight I gained through inactivity, ultimately led to depression. I left the youth service and decided it was time to make some changes to my life.

Slowly through lifestyle change, exercise and diet management I set about losing seven stone. Along the way I trained with lots of individuals. The support I found from training with others made me realise once more my passion, and how I can combine my fitness coaching and counselling training in one as a personal fitness trainer.