The Fitness Hub Omnium offers a range of fun and inclusive spin classes led by friendly and enthusiastic instructors. Our classes are designed to provide the best possible workout in 30-45 minute classes to provide totally bespoke spin classes that are motivating and inspiring. Accompanied by the instructor’s unique playlist of powerful and energizing music our Spin classes are high energy, low impact workouts that are one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Energise – a fun all-round 45-minute workout that will improve technique, strength, speed, focus and power. A session to strengthen your heart, muscles, improve lung function and burn fat.

Motivate – a high intensity 30-minute workout that will improve your cardiovascular system and promote a lean body composition. A full-on workout that will require focus and motivation!

Activate – designed for beginners this 45-minute class is a gentle introduction to spin. A great place to start your pedalling experience.


We are home to a fantastic studio of Wattbike indoor cycles which will transform the way you perform. Developed in association with British Cycling and used by top athletes and sports clubs, Wattbikes are the only indoor cycle to mimic the sensations of riding a real bike but at the same time deliver consistent and accurate performance data with technical feedback to coach and participant. As one of the Only Coached/instructor led wattbike facilities in the South West the fitness hub coaches are passionate about the benefits Wattbike can bring to your training and performance.