We have a “whole-body” approach to helping you achieve your goals. Every one of the fitness hubs training programs is coached.  We provide each member with a certain level of personalization based on their abilities and fitness level so you are never left behind in a session or feel bored if you are able to do more. Every day is different, we mix up our training by using different equipment such as, Barbells, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, and much more.  We also vary the timing and the format so that every day gives you a well-rounded workout and you never know what to expect.

We encourage you to come in for a FREE taster session. You won’t be greeted by a salesperson. Instead you’ll meet our team and you will see that we are all about delivering our clients results!

MRT: (Metabolic Resistance Training)

The Fitness Hub’s flagship Bootcamp workouts are designed to deliver the greatest training effect in under 60 minutes. Using total body interval training, MRT will get the most it of you, by incorporating the muscle building benefits of strength training and the cardiovascular and fat loss benefits of cardio circuit training. Every 4 weeks the MRT training plan is varied so that you can face new challenges, learn them, conquer them before moving to the next block of new and challenging workouts.


Kettlebell training is a superb way to develop joint mobility and stability, muscular strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, muscular flexibility, total-body range of motion, and injury prevention. Kettlebells can be intimidating when you don’t know how to use them. We are pros at modifying exercises and making sure you’ll get a great workout while getting to experience kettlebells. Our Kettlebell training will allow for members of all levels to go from learning the very basics of kettlebell training to the more advanced exercise like swinging a kettlebell with ease. This is done in a fun, high energy express class. The fun and camaraderie of this this environment will help you push yourself harder than you would when training alone.

VIIT: (Variable Intensity Interval Training)

Using a combination of bands, boxing gloves and bodyweight, VIIT Bootcamps are based around rotating between very intense anaerobic periods (HIIT) with medium-intensity (strength) and low-intensity (mind/body) recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. Typically, you quickly transition through all anatomical planes of movement and utilize the body’s five major muscle groups making each workout Functional, intense, and varied. These super-efficient workouts can be modified for all fitness levels and is the ideal workout for someone with a busy schedule.


The TFH Boxercise sessions focuses on the fitness elements of boxing training. It’s a quick high intense class that will leave your muscles burning, your heart pumping and is challenging but fun. Our Boxercise sessions incorporate various fitness games, core stability, VIIT, pad work and circuit training, and is for both men and women of any age and fitness level. No Class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, so you can enjoy the adrenalin of a fast-paced safe workout and release your aggression in a controlled manner. Again, Boxercise is more than just hitting things, although that is part of the fun, it will teach you to be physically and mentally strong, relieving stress and empower you. Unleash the Beast!