From bouncing off hedges to long distance cycling...

Tracy at Propello

Tracy hadn’t cycled since she was a child, but all that changed about eight years ago when a friend encouraged her to get back on a bike. Since then she hasn’t looked back. With the help of Propello Cycle Coaching, she’s now working towards a new set of goals.

With what she feels was a very limited cycling experience, Tracy signed up to Propello’s weekly women’s rides in Barnstaple because the thought of learning how to ride in a fun friendly environment appealed to her. Recently, her goals have become more focused, ‘I have decided to take on a challenge this year and wanted to be up to the task’ she says.

As a result, she is currently working with Propello using their bespoke training plan service. Her plan is individualised to her ability and lifestyle and is specific to the demands of her goal event.

Tracy’s training has undergone quite an evolution. She initially focused on her fitness, handling skills and being able to ride with a group. ‘My biggest improvement is going from a beginner bouncing off hedges and being exhausted after short rides with zero hill-climbing ability and to not being able to take my hands off the handlebars’ she tells us, ‘I now love riding my various bikes, confident to go for miles and have no fear of hills and can signal which way I'm going! I've met some wonderful supportive cyclists and ride most weeks with friends that I have met at Propello.’

I have learnt that nothing is impossible with the right training and mindset and to just love getting on my bike and going for an adventure.
Propello Cyclist

It is only natural for goals to evolve as cyclists progress and Tracy’s journey has been no different. Her initial cycling ambitions soon evolved into training for sportives and before too long there was no looking back. She completed a couple of 100-mile rides and even began bike-packing and organising mini trips to cycle in different parts of the UK - devising her own usable routes along the way. Whatsmore, in July she’ll be embarking on a London to Edinburgh cycling route covering around 500 miles in just 10 days!

Working alongside Propello gives Tracy peace of mind that her cycling training is heading in the right direction, ‘It's great when I've done things right, a bit frustrating when I haven't, but always good to be pointed in the right direction to get back on track.’ she says, ‘I like the process of training and knowing that when I start my challenge in July I will have given myself the best possible chance of completing it. That goes a long way to being able to enjoy the cycling and not worry about the small stuff. Overall I have enjoyed the experience, there have been many challenging sessions, but it's a means to an end, I like to push myself and see the improvements.’

I have seen Tracy evolve from a very nervous cyclist with many areas that needed improvement, to an accomplished rider who has both the skills and the fitness to take on whatever she chooses.
Rob Wakefield

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