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When he first approached Propello, Richard’s main goal was to improve his health so that he could enter some competitions, ‘Initially, I wanted to become fitter and stronger.’ he says, ‘I subsequently entered some Crit races; I wanted to become race fit’.

Richard purchased a Watt Bike Atom, which he felt was a big investment, but he has since seen a good return. In terms of the software Propello Cycling Coaching use, he found Training Peaks straightforward and he saw some great benefits with WKO5. ‘Using detailed analysis from software - especially WKO5 - we’ve been able to specifically target aspects of my power and strength that needed work.’ He says, adding ‘I respond best to specific instructions and numbers, the structured training sessions are incredibly helpful in that regard’.

Propello Cyclist Richard

Starting his cycle coaching at Level 1, Richard’s initial goal was to improve his fitness and strength when cycling. Propello’s coaching levels are designed to allow you to easily move between levels to best suit your goals. This meant that when Richard wanted to increase his commitment to training and receive a fully bespoke training plan, using WKO5 to build specific workouts based on his individual power curve, he could quite easily progress to Level 2. ‘I moved to the higher programme when I became more serious about racing’, he tells us.

During his coaching sessions with Propello, Richard’s performance and health has massively bettered. He says ‘I have improved in all aspects of my cycling fitness. I quickly reached my 3rd Cat, I have won my first race and competed in the Master National Crit Championships’.

Unlimited coaching contact was a key factor in helping him to achieve his goals. Richard feels that he was able to quickly receive advice and feedback from his coach, Rob. He says ‘Rob's flexibility and responsiveness has been amazing and greatly appreciated. He understands and adapts for intensive periods at work and helped me build back in the right way from Covid. That was really important.’

Seeing the data, the benchmarks and how training is making a difference is motivating and helps you get through those tougher blocks and sessions.
Propello Cyclist

As with many others, Richard has benefited from the flexibility of the Propello Cycling Coaching levels - which take into account your lifestyle and other commitments. For Richard, other commitments included his club riding sessions. ‘Rob is also flexible enough to build in sessions with my club or rides that I want to do to enjoy, that will keep me motivated’ he says.

Based on the improvements Richard has made, he feels that he would highly recommend Propello Cycling Coaching for people of all ages and abilities looking to improve their cycling performance.

If you’re seeking to make adjustments to your performance, whether that be for your own personal gain or to become competition ready, we offer Individualised Performance Coaching at a level to suit you, your physiology and your unique cycling ambitions.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the type of cycling coaching that might best suit your goals!

Bespoke Cycling Coaching: What can I expect from Individualised Performance Coaching Level 2?

Richard is currently working at coaching Level 2 and is a competitive member in the Master's category. This means that his time commitment to his goals is usually 8-10 hours per week and he completes a 30 miniute review with his cycling coach every fortnight. He also benefits from frequent Training Peaks feedback, unlimited WhatsApp contact with his coach, plus workouts and rides built to his own power duration curve.

Our highly-qualified coaches, with experience in a range of disciplines including mountain biking, CycloCross, mountain biking, track and road, work with cyclists from all over the world. We offer three cycling coaching levels to suit your unique physiology and to suit your lifestyle.