How Mike’s cycling goals evolved to include some of the most challenging sportives

Mike noticed a Propello van in the car park at the end of his first tour of Wessex and thought it would be good to get some professional cycle coaching. ‘I had purchased a power meter’, he says, ‘but didn’t have a clue what to do with it!’ He went on to work with us for four years.

Before joining Propello Mike had three years of cycling experience. He also cycled with his local tri club and had entered a few sportives. His initial goal was to get the best use of his power metre. However, as he progressed, Mike’s goals evolved to include longer and harder sportives such as Mallorca 312 and Marmotte Alpes.

Since working with Propello, Mike says that his biggest improvement has been in his ability to go faster for longer. ‘I have been able to complete some of the toughest Sportives in Europe (Mallorca 312, Wicklow 200, Marmotte Alpes, Tour of Wessex, Cardiff Velothon etc ) in times that I have been very pleased with and well above average for my age/peer group.’ he says.

Mike at Propello 1
The main thing I have learned is that getting "better" (I think the definition of better is very individual to each athlete) is so much more than smashing yourself on the bike and that Training Peaks numbers are only a guide... regardless of the numbers if your legs don't feel right they are not lying!
Propello Cyclist
Mike at Propello 2

‘Working with Rob is great, the mindset of wanting to be " the best you can be" whilst working hard but still having fun.’ Mike says, ‘The sessions were always at the right level, starting relatively easy, feeling tough in the middle and very glad to finish at the end!’

Feedback was also a very important part of the cycling coaching process and Mike thought that the speed at which Rob got back to him was great. He tells us that he would recommend Propello Cycling Coaching to his friends - and indeed he has!

‘My overall experience has been great.’ Says Mike, before adding ‘I am not currently being coached by Rob due to work and family commitments but Rob still remains a friend.’

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