Busy mother of 2 rides the epic 9 day Joberg2C MTB race and Mallorca 312

Before working with Propello, Caryn had cycled for many years but had never followed a proper training plan. Once she started coaching, she soon wanted to take on more events.

Having entered what she describes as her dream cycling event, Caryn realised that she would need some professional guidance and training. She found out about Propello Cycle Coaching via a trainer at a local gym.

When Caryn started her training, the goal was to complete one event but this evolved fairly quickly: ‘My Starting goal was to finish but as the training took hold it was all about how much I was enjoying the event and what was around the next corner.’ she says.

Propello Cyclist Caryn
Caryn Propello Cyclist

Caryn worked to a bespoke training plan which she says is exactly what she needed at the time.

She also purchased power pedals and a Watt Bike and found the software which she used easy to get to grips with. In fact, she loved the integration between Garmin and Training Peaks as it was straightforward to use and she had everything she needed at her fingertips.

A cycle coaching plan unique to her needs alongside regular coaching contact was an important element in helping Caryn achieve her goals, ‘Motivation is key and discussing what is going on in life as well as training keeps one focused’ explains Caryn.

No matter how tired you are, you have the training to get you through. You have always got something in the tank. The training works.
Propello Cyclist

While she has nothing planned at the moment, she’s still on the lookout for another event to inspire her and she had a great experience working with our team, telling us, ‘I've loved my training with Propello and look forward to finding an event that grabs my attention again.’

If you’re thinking about an Individualised Performance Coaching Plan, why not get in touch with our team and we’ll answer any questions that you may have.

Propello Cyclist Caryn Completes Race

How does Propello Cycling Coaching work?

Everyone who works with Propello starts off with our four-week onboarding programme. This helps us to get a good idea of the level you are at and what your goals are. We also find out about you, your lifestyle and what your ambitions look like.

As well as understanding your lifestyle and what time constraints you may have, we also complete baseline testing for your ongoing monitoring and coaching. Understanding you as an individual alongside this tangible data puts us in a great position to recommend a suitable cycle coaching level for you. You can find out more about our Individualised Performance Coaching on our coaching page.