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PurSue 40+ Women FTP Builder Pt 2


‘I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it’. Welcome to FTP Builder part 2 in our comprehensive cycling training programme. To get the full benefit from this plan we recommend that you have completed FTP Builder Part 1 before taking on this plan.. The 40+ womens all round fitness plan is a proven method of building a deep level of all round cycling fitness and maintaining it. This plan gives you 6 week’s training using the 2 weeks build 1 week deload model. The main focus is building time at threshold, and will give you a really strong base to lift your FTP.


Product Description

Your training guide will be delivered in Training Peaks.

This plan will help anyone in any discipline or event. From racing, to sportive’s, to taming that hill that always gets the better of you, and best of all beating your friends on the club run sprints. By building a big strong base you can layer fitness on top and will set you up not only for the season but for the rest of your time on the bike. You can revisit this plan year on year and see your cycling go to another level.