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Propello Head Coach Rob Wakefield cuts through the noise in this FREE guide to Cycling Faster, including his 5 GO L D E N  R U L E S  OF  T R A I N I N G


Product Description

There is a lot of information out there about how to train and become a more conditioned cyclist. What we are going to do is cut through some of the noise and give you what we feel are the most important elements to work on TO MAKE YOU FASTER. In this eBook we describe our 5 GO L D E N  R U L E S  OF  T R A I N I N G and how they can be applied to your riding.  We discuss nutrition and weight training in the context of your over all training plan.

Unless you have been involved in racing bikes from a young age, it is likely that you have come into cycling later in life, and just started out riding for fun or commuting. After a year or so you might join a club and there notice how much faster some of the riders are. So, you get interested in improving yourself, buy some magazines, or in today’s age download Zwift and start doing some workouts. You ride harder, longer, do more hills and low and behold you do indeed get faster and feel fitter. Those hill efforts you can now do a couple of gears harder, you don’t get dropped in the club ride village sprints and you have signed up for your first sportive. Things are progressing well.

And then………. the improvements stop. You don’t get any slower, you just don’t get any better.

The key to progressing from this stage is to have a really good idea of what you are trying to achieve, understand and implement our 5 Golden Rules of cycling fitness and have a basic awareness of how your body works.