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9 Week “On Bike” Hill Climbing Strength Building Plan


This training plan will increase your neuromuscular strength and conditioning and improve your torque with on bike exercises and workouts. This involves cycling specific resistance training that will increase the amount of force that you can apply through your pedals, coupled with explosive efforts that will improve your snap or punch. The plan is organised over 9 weeks with blocks of 2 weeks strength training followed by a more aerobic week where the focus is recovery and adaption. Not only will this training increase your strength, it will raise your threshold power by improving the quantity and quality of muscle mitochondria, increasing fuel storage capacity and increasing blood volume.



Product Description

This training plan is delivered in Training Peaks. The free basic version will suffice. Please checkout here with the same email address that you use for TP and we will share the training plan with you upon receipt. The plan is built using workout builder with power ranges for all efforts. The plan can be adjusted for those training with heart rate or perceived effort.

If you have any ongoing knee or back issues please contact us for advise before starting this training plan.