8 Week Foundation Programme


Here at Propello we want everybody to get their 2017 season off to the perfect start so we have developed this FREE 8 Week Foundation Training Programme delivered as an 11 page eBook, that will build endurance, strength and speed to provide a solid foundation of fitness upon which you can improve your cycling in the coming season.

Product Description

Each week the programme involves two workouts, that can either be incorporated into a road ride or ridden on an indoor trainer as a dedicated workout and one weekly road ride with drills. An additional low-intensity 60-minute recovery ride can be incorporated into your training week as well as a gym session working on strength, flexibility and mobility.

The programme has been developed to build your fitness week on week. Effort levels and durations increase or recovery periods decrease to incrementally add to the training load you are placing on your body. This creates a steady improvement in fitness. Every 4th week we have a recovery week where we reduce volume and intensity. Training weeks create the opportunity for improved fitness. Recovery weeks realise that opportunity.