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Mindset Steers, Passion Propels

Propello exists to support you in realising your cycling potential.

Where we started

Expertise, data, and determination

Since 2014, we’ve specialised in coaching people who want to make quantitative improvements to their cycling performance. Whether you’re a cyclist striving to reach peak fitness for a specific event, or wanting to boost your efficiency in the time you have available, our Individualised Performance Coaching plans are designed with you and your physiology in mind.

We have always worked with a diverse client base across multiple disciplines, but the events of 2020 gave us the opportunity to expand our offering geographically. With an increased uptake in video communication software, we discovered we could deliver the same high-quality coaching that our clients had come to expect, but with added flexibility to suit their lifestyle and training patterns.

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Building on our reputation as expert coaches, we refined our Individualised Performance Coaching to offer three levels, accessible to clients at any stage in their cycling journey. We also introduced our signature onboarding process, an initial 4-week consultation and training programme designed to help you decide which of our levels will be right for you.

While our process is straightforward, it is designed to give you the best possible value. That’s why we utilise cutting-edge technology to tailor our coaching based on data that is generated by your performance. Rob’s own experience in financial markets as a quantitive trader has placed us in a unique position to be able to interrogate your data down to a granular level and make the right adjustments to accelerate your performance.

Above all, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your training goals. We do this by delivering an online coaching service that feels connected, responsive and engaging. We coach people who expect and value client service that goes above and beyond. Our personal touch and attention to detail set us apart. Our success is your success.

how we work

A training plan that is unique to you

We aim to tailor a training plan that is unique to you, your lifestyle, and your training goals.

We start with our four-week onboarding programme, where we’ll hold an initial Zoom consultation lasting up to 60 minutes. Here, we will find out about your cycling experience, training patterns, and fitness history. Importantly, we’ll also discuss your lifestyle and commitments. We will seek to understand your goals and objectives and explain how we can help you achieve them.

We will also talk you through how we utilise technology to aid with the planning, analysis and progression of your training; all of which will be presented to you on the call with examples of how it could work for you. There will be the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have at this stage.

We carry out this initial four-week onboarding process with everybody we work with. It enables us to get to know you and your needs and to devise the best possible approach to drive you to achieve your goals. As well as the consultation, we’ll also ask you to perform some or all of the four baseline power tests to determine sprint, anaerobic, maximum aerobic and lactate threshold power as well as an efficiency sub max ramp test to measure aerobic efficiency. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. We’ll explain step by step.

The results from your tests will be used as baseline performance markers and will be used to set your training zones. During this period, we will review every single workout and ride, and offer you a 30-minute Zoom call every week.

At the end of the four weeks, we will provide a full review and a recommendation for how we can best coach you going forwards. You will then be able to choose one of our three packages to suit your requirements.

You can choose any level regardless of your experience or ability; each can be tailored to your needs - it will simply be a matter of selecting the programme that best aligns with your goals, how much coaching intervention you want and the training time you have available.

As unique as you EDIT

Qualified coaches at your fingertips

Our Coaches

Rob Wakefield

Speciality focus: Events Races

A level 3 coach, Rob believes that consistent and well-planned training is the key to long term improvement. Each rider is an individual and through coaching Rob will build your confidence and help you better understand yourself and realise your cycling potential.

"I come from a multi-discipline background – BMX, Road Racing, Gravel/MTB Racing, Time Trial Racing & Sportive/Gran Fondo riding. In recent years I have raced Time Trials and ridden: La Marmotte, Tour de Mont Blanc, Maratona dles Dolomites, Mallorca 312, Joberg2C, Tour of Cambridge UCI Road Race, Dragon Devil and many more regional and local events and races."

I have been coached by Rob for three years now and very pleased with what I have been able to achieve (Tour of Wessex x2 , Wicklow 200, Cardiff Velothon x 2, Mallorca 312 x2) and what still lies ahead (Marmotte Alpes). As well as my overall improvement in all aspects of cycling I like the speed of response to any and every query or tweak to the training plan.
Mike - Somerset
Our Coaches

Sue Allen

Speciality focus: Events Female coaching Races

Sue believes in giving every client a unique insight into their own abilities to ensure the most effective way to progress and improve their cycling. She is a level 3 coach who is experienced in working with a range of different capabilities. Sue draws on her years of experience coaching in different sports and uses her expertise to create coaching plans that help clients reach their goals.

“I’ve ridden every type of bike – BMX, MTB, road, track, even chopper! My cycling passion grew from summer keep-fit training (preparing for big winter mountains) into the Tour of Wessex, Mallorca 312 and working up circuit racing’s cat rankings. Recent highlights include a Gold in the 500m TT and sprint silver during my debut British Masters National Track Champs competition in 2019. I guess you could say I’m an all-rounder.”

Sue has remained in my corner; through tough training sessions I hear her voice gently pushing me further. I am so pleased with how far I’ve come in such a short timeframe.
Sarah Huddersfield, UK
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Coaching requires a special type of person

Our coaches have a passion for cycling and a wealth of experience in a range of disciplines. In addition we have invested in building a professional coaching business, from initial onboarding to ongoing performance appraisal. If you would like to learn our process and join our team then please get in touch.

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