Name: Rob Wakefield
Cycling History: BMX, road riding, events and races across UK and Europe, ABCC Level 3 Coach, Training Peaks Coach
Other Sports: Squash, rugby, cricket, athletics as a kid –  now it’s surfing, skiing & tennis.
What motivates you: Learning how to get more out of the human body and helping people realise their potential.
Best cycling tip: It’s not all about fitness – go learn bike skills and how to ride with others.
Favourite pre-ride food: Predictably porridge!
Best turbo music: 1990’s house music (showing my age there!)
Little known fact: I used to be a DJ and nightclub manager

Name: Jon Kennard
Cycling History: Stunt jumping, road riding, ABCC Level 3 Coach
Other Sports: Football plus coaching, surfing, badminton, fishing (not sure that is a sport?).
What motivates you: Getting up early and being active!
Best cycling tip: It’s not just about the computer, take your eyes off the screen and take in the scenery.
Favourite pre-ride food: Oatabix and toast but occasionally a chicken and mushroom pie and chips!
Best turbo music: Rob Wakefield’s Old Skool Turbo mix.
Little known fact: I play the piano in a small band.

Name: Sue Allen
Cycling history: I have ridden everything from BMX, mountain bike, road, chopper!! I really got into cycling when I used it for keeping fit during the summers while training for big winter mountains.
Other sports: Swimming, Hockey, Football, rugby through school & uni, now its coasteering, or anything in the sea.
What motivates you: Helping people to realise their potential.
Best cycling tip: Always look the way you want to go.
Favourite pre ride food: Porridge with an egg mixed in at the end – try it, soooo creamy 🙂
Best Turbo music: Dance music from the 90’s
Little known fact: I was part of the first all female team that successfully summited Baden Powell Peak, Nepal, 5590m