Name: Rob Wakefield – Cycling Coach
Cycling History: BMX, road riding, events and races across UK and Europe, ABCC Level 3 Coach, Training Peaks Coach
Other Sports: Squash, rugby, cricket, athletics as a kid –  now it’s surfing, skiing & tennis.
What motivates you: Learning how to get more out of the human body and helping people realise their potential.
Best cycling tip: It’s not all about fitness – go learn bike skills and how to ride with others.
Favourite pre-ride food: Predictably porridge!
Best turbo music: 1990’s house music (showing my age there!)
Little known fact: I used to be a DJ and nightclub manager

Name: Steve McMahon – Strength & Conditioning Coach
Coaching History: Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience
Other Sports: Living room mat wrestling with the twins. “What happens on the Mat stays on the mat”
What motivates you: Apart from maintaining good health, having inspiring people around me and the incredible journeys they have taken always serves as a powerful source of motivation.
Best gym tip: Be Consistent as consistency is key to your fitness program. Take one step at a time. Results happen over time not over night. You didn’t “get out of shape” in one day, so you surely are not going to “get back in shape” in one day.
Favourite pre-workout food: I’m a sucker for a homemade smoothie! A banana, blueberries, one scoop of whey protein, almond butter and almond milk.
Best workout music: Royal Blood by Royal Blood. Best workout song: ‘Til I Collapse by Eminem. Best Cool down song: I Giorni by L
Little known fact: I used to have a lot of hair!

Name: Ben Cox – Running Coach
Running history: Master’s Degree in Sports and Health Science, specialising in Endurance Physiology and running specifics.  My coaching experience spans over 25 years from when I started out as a junior gymnastics coach under Paul Hall, lead coach to Louis Smith.  Around the same time i qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer with GP referral certification.  Since then I have coached and mentored through various sports and in the business management environment.  I am a regular presenter for England Athletics at seminars, workshops and conferences, on the subjects of endurance performance, physiology, and strength & conditioning.
Other sports: Younger years everything! Now it’s kitesurfing and surfing
What motivates you: The thought that one day I will be immobile and all I will have is the happy memories of all the great things I did athletically!
Best running tip: as Frankie said…… Relax
Favourite pre run food: Uncle Arthur’s Black Tincture
Best Running music: Frankie goes to Hollywood – of course!
Little known fact: I have a condition the same like Benjamin Button but it got froze and I’m like the mental age of a 10 year old in the body of a 40+ man.

Name: Sue Allen – Cycling Coach
Cycling history: I have ridden everything from BMX, mountain bike, road, chopper!! I really got into cycling when I used it for keeping fit during the summers while training for big winter mountains. British Cycling Level 2 Coach
Other sports: Swimming, Hockey, Football, rugby through school & uni, now its coasteering, or anything in the sea.
What motivates you: Helping people to realise their potential.
Best cycling tip: Always look the way you want to go.
Favourite pre ride food: Porridge with an egg mixed in at the end – try it, soooo creamy 🙂
Best Turbo music: Dance music from the 90’s
Little known fact: I was part of the first all female team that successfully summited Baden Powell Peak, Nepal, 5590m

Name: Jon Kennard – Cycling Coach
Cycling History: Stunt jumping, road riding, ABCC Level 3 Coach
Other Sports: Football plus coaching, surfing, badminton, fishing (not sure that is a sport?).
What motivates you: Getting up early and being active!
Best cycling tip: It’s not just about the computer, take your eyes off the screen and take in the scenery.
Favourite pre-ride food: Oatabix and toast but occasionally a chicken and mushroom pie and chips!
Best turbo music: Rob Wakefield’s Old Skool Turbo mix.
Little known fact: I play the piano in a small band.

Name: Catherine Short – Indoor Cycling & Gym Coach & Massage Therapy
Sports history: Spin & Fitness instructor and massage therapist. Catherine brings over 20 years experience to the Propello team, and has a passion for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With her training as a dancer she is serious about posture, technique and core stability. Catherine is highly motivating and brings fun and a keen corrective eye to her work.
Other sports:Tennis & badminton, surfing
What motivates you: Positivity, determination and joy
Best tip: It’s all about how you move
Favourite pre spin food: Homemade organic energy balls
Best Running music: Goldie & Tiesto
Little known fact: I play the violin (actually pretty well)

Name: James Lapish – Swimming Coach
Sports history: James has represented the Great Britain Triathlon Team in the Age Group Sprint Distance Race in the World Championships Grand Final and the European Championships. British Triathlon Level 2 Coach, Open Water Swimming Coach Level 2, Level 3 Personal trainer.
Other sports: Cycling, running, surfing & snowboarding, retired rugby player and track and field athlete – almost broke into the bobsleigh scene a long while ago!
What motivates you: A need to live life to the full! Challenge is there to be accepted……and trying to keep ahead of my 11 year old!
Best swimming  tip: Feel the water, dont fight it…
Favourite pre swim food: Sugar free muesli 2 hours before I swim, then a banana
Best Swimming music: yea good luck with that!!!!
Little known fact: I got to do a ballet workshop with the dancers of the Royal ballet School at the Royal Opera House.

Name: Ebony Webber – Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports history: Ebony is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Boxercise instructor and Level 2 Cycling Instructor
Other sports: Womens county boxing and downhill mountain bike riding (winning first competition!)
What motivates you: Never giving up until I have achieved my goals
Best gym tip: try new things and get involved!
Favourite pre workout food: I have a banana known as nature’s power bars.
Best Running music: Punk or rock I can’t stand chart music these days.
Little known fact: We have not found out yet!

Name: Tilly Daniel – Nutrition & Diet Coach
Nutrition history: I have been eating since I was born and has now become a daily habit!  I studied dietetics at Coventry University then went on to do a Post Grad Certificate in Sports Nutrition. I have spent the last 7 years working as a clinical Dietitian in the NHS supporting patients with illnesses such as IBS, Crohns and Diabetes to name a few.
Other sports: I started my sporting life at Bideford Blues before moving to North Devon Athletics Club to focus on the High Jump, I competed at national junior competitions such as English Schools and AAA’s. I still enjoy regular exercise (unless its raining) and love watching sports such as athletics and rugby (I am a Bath supporter…..sorry).
What motivates you: Seeing clients achieve their goals and helping them to make the best nutritional choices for them.
Best nutrition tip: Carbs are NOT the devil.
Favourite pre workout food: Malt loaf (I am in love with malt loaf).
Best Running music: Frank Turner: Not yet dead
Little known fact: I know every line to the film Cool Runnings (including the music)