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What Training Should I be doing?

What training should I be doing?

We have been busy building a new website which we will be unveiling very soon and have launched our new range of coaching options for the 2022 season, which you can read about on our existing website here.

We have also been signing up new riders using our unique Signature Onboarding Coaching Programme which is an intensive 4 week coaching experience where we uncover your strengths and weaknesses, build a picture of how you like to train, and gain insight into your day-to-day lifestyle and how that influences your training. After the 4 weeks, we both decide if we want to continue with a longer term coaching relationship.

The other thing we have been super busy with is planning the big picture training plans for all of our coached clients. This is something we do at the start of every season as it gives an insight into what type of training we are going to propose and the likely direction and speed of travel. As ever, the actual way your training evolves will be a function of how you progress and adapt as an individual.

Two of the things that annoy me about much of the training information I see lie at polar opposite ends of the coaching spectrum. On the one hand you have over-complication and at the other end you have over-simplification.

Overcomplicated training often starts from fairly sound principles, but over time, the training solutions get totally over engineered. Ironically, oversimplification often comes from the scientific end of our profession, where scientific observations are reduced to a set of basic training rules. This works better than that...

We would never claim to know everything, but one thing we are pretty confident about knowing is that a one size fits all training approach will be suboptimal.

We would never claim to know everything but one thing we are pretty confident about knowing is that a one size fits all training approach will be sub optimal.
Rob Wakefield
Founder and Level 3 Coach

We have a basic process that we follow with each client:

  1. We explore your strengths and weaknesses to understand your abilities.
  2. We research your chosen disciplines, events, or races to understand their demands.
  3. We work out where the gaps are.
  4. We look at your training history to see previous volume and modality of training.
  5. We build a training plan that manipulates volume and intensity to encourage physical adaptions to improve the specific abilities you need to perform.

The volume and modality of training you should be doing is an output of this process and it is very individual. Do not be convinced into thinking that polarised training is the best for you or that undulating periodisation will be most effective. It might be or it might not…..

Figuring all of this out is one of the most important things a coach should do for you. Whether you seek help from a coach or not, you must, in our strong view, have a process you follow that is backed up with hard data. Otherwise, you risk jumping from one bandwagon to another, randomly trying stuff because you read about it and the argument was convincing.

We have a growing roster of great clients for the 2022 season who range from having 2 to 50 years riding experience. We are coaching for some amazing events and races. Some highlights include -

  1. Etape du Tour
  2. Maratona dles Dolomites
  3. Tour de France (Tour 21)
  4. Cymru Classic 3 day MTB Stage Race
  5. National Masters Crit Championships
  6. National Masters Time Trial Championships
  7. National Master Track Championships
  8. Tour of Cambridgeshire UCI Road Races
  9. Kings Gravel Races
  10. The Dragon Devil
  11. Tour de Mont Blanc
  12. Fred Whitton
  13. Strade Bianchi
  14. La Marmotte Granfondo Alps
  15. Mallorca 312
  16. Ronde Van Vlaanderen
  17. Granfondo Stelvio Santini
  18. Liege Bastogne Liege
  19. Paris Roubaix Challenge
  20. LEJOG.
Our 100% focus on individual coaching means that we start with a blank page for every client we coach. The range of riding experience and nature of events and races you have entered means that our individual, process and data driven training approach is likely to yield the best results for you. At the end of the day, it is these outcomes that are most important to you and hence most important to us.

If you would like to talk to us about how we could help you, then book a Coach Consultation or enrol in our 4 week Signature Onboarding Coaching Programme. A modest financial investment on your part will unlock new and productive training ideas or be the start of a long term exciting coaching relationship with us.