.....this is how much power you could build

I wrote to you last week about focusing your training on quality to deliver more POWER and better PERFORMANCE. A this time in the training year I conduct a review of how my athletes are progressing in terms of their power development over the training season. Training with power means that results are 100% quantifiable. You are either improving or not because a watt today is the same a watt tomorrow. There is no debate, not ifs and buts. If you are not becoming more powerful then either I am not doing my job or you are not sticking to the programme!

Bottom line is that focussing your training on POWER and PERFORMANCE delivers quantifiable results. Even if you don't have a power meter to accurately measure these improvements don't worry - you will be getting better!

Here are some results for athletes this season. These are peak power readings over various time frames.

2015/16 Season - Junior Athlete

5s = 746w to 865w (16% gain)

60s = 321w to 433w (34% gain)

5m = 242w to 334w (38% gain)

20m = 213w to 295w (38% gain)

60m = 194w to 237w (22% gain)

60m(NP) = 212w to 263w (24% gain)

Long Term Power Improvement for Masters Endurance Athlete 2014-2016

5m = 227w to 351w (55% gain)

20m= 207w to 323w (56% gain)

60m= 194w to 266w (37% gain)

90m = 149w to 253w (69% gain)

60m(NP)= 199w to 295w (48% gain)

2015/16 Season - Masters Athlete

60s = 290w to 384w (32% gain)

5m = 214w to 268w (25% gain)

20m= 189w to 240w (26% gain)

60m= 177w to 226w (27% gain)

60m(NP)= 195w to 258w (32% gain)