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Cycling wisdom


Hear our coaches' tips, tricks and things to avoid when training, in their own words.

valuable insights from our expert coaching team to boost your cycling performance

Building on a rich history and experience of coaching and participating in cycling events worldwide, our coaches are experts in their field. From understanding unique physiology to explaining endurance plans and refining cycling performance, our coaches are continually updating our insights to bring you cutting edge coaching developments.

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Oh No... I've Missed a Workout(s)

What to do when life gets in the way and workouts are missed. The specific answer to these questions is highly nuanced.

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5 Key things to Focus on during lockdown and beyond...

The best way to stay focused and motivated is to hone in on a few things that you can control that will make a big difference over time.

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The Spirit of the Ride

All of our workouts are Descriptions not Prescriptions of what we want you to achieve in the session. Ridden on the road, indoor sessions can be fun, riding at a sweet spot and making a few sprints for signposts or surges out of corners.

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When did you last take a day off from training?

Planning rest days, recovery weeks, tapering for events, etc takes a bit of practice – sometimes trial and error.

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Free Club Training Plans

We have taken the decision that the best way to help the greatest number of people is to offer our 24 Week Club Training Programme free of charge.

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New Lockdown Free Base Training Plans

We have made a few tweaks to the first 2 Plans of our 24 Week Club Training Programme and are offering both for free for the remainder of the lockdown.

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5 lessons I learned: Training and the Menopause

Whether you are peri-menopausal or if you have already gone through the menopause and are months or years past it – don’t worry. There’s always time to make changes that’ll slow down the ageing process.

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What I wish I knew at 40… as a competitive female cyclist

While we are going through menopause, we need to admit it to ourselves in order to understand it, work with it, and continue to compete and enjoy exercise at the level we want to.

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Worried about the Christmas Foodathon

Getting regular exercise over the Christmas period is a good thing to do. Not just to burn off excess calories, but also to get you moving, as we tend to spend long periods of time sitting down over Christmas.