Cycling - Why Train and have a Coach?

How do you accelerate and maintain significant improvements in cycling performance? Can you take specific steps to speed up your development from novice to elite cyclist? In an Australian Institute of Sport report it was shown that a remarkable 28% of athletes progressed from novice to elite in less than four years. Fast developing athletes are more often found in individual sports like cycling where performance largely depends on physiological improvement and following a structured training programme.

  1. How should I timetable my workouts?
  2. How many hours do I need to train for a 100 mile race?
  3. How should I train in race or event weeks?
  4. How long should I spend base training before introducing speed work?
  5. Should I be doing any off the bike strength work?
  6. How long should my recovery rides be?

If you ask yourself any of these questions, if you are are goal oriented, if you believe in yourself and have ambition, if you demonstrate commitment, are inquisitive and enjoy being healthy and improving your performance, then training and coaching will help you be the athlete you want to be.

To start with you will improve just by riding and doing some sort of training. However you will hit a plateaux at some stage, usually after one or two years, and those improvements in speed, endurance and strength will stop. At this stage you can:

  1. Either accept that you are as good as you are going to be or;
  2. Try something different!

All the Propello coaching services are delivered using a common framework, bringing together many of the latest scientific concepts in cycle training, as well as drawing on our own experience, and that of many of our cycling friends. Our systematic approach is deeply rooted in science and is how the most successful teams in the world such as Team Sky train, day in day out. Structured training programmes are critical for achieving peak performance and will unlock your full potential as a cyclist.

A structured training programme is characterised by several comprehensively integrated components that will encourage many physiological adaptions of the body that enable high performance. Increased aerobic capacity, higher lactate thresholds and improved economy are the three most important physiological predictors of cycling performance. Cutting through the scientific jargon - through structured training we are able to transport and process more oxygen, improve stored fuel consumption and increase efficiency to delay fatigue and hence improve strength, speed and endurance capabilities.

By improving these three cornerstones of cycling performance you will be able to apply more pedal force, with faster leg rotations for increased durations of time. It really is as simple as that.

All of our Coaching Programmes are personalised to your current situation, specific to cycling performance, progressive to allow for continuous improvement, varied to improve all elements of your cycling and periodised to allow for recovery and physiological adaptions.

We believe that training should be economical with your time, allowing you to do the least amount of well timed, specific training that allows you to continue to improve year after year. Regardless of when you start cycling it usually takes ten years for you to reach your performance potential - what other active sport can you be better at as you get older?

Propello delivers three levels of inclusive cycling coaching, which are suited to a wide variety of cyclists from beginners to sportive riders and competitive racers. We also offer Bespoke Coaching for those that want a fully individual programme.

Rob Wakefield ABCC Level 3 Coach

To improve we have to keep moving forward