Bad, Good, Better, Best

How diligently do you follow your training plan?
As coaches we always aim to set you the BEST training plan possible to get you from where you are now, to where you need to be to hit your objectives.
We all know that not riding our bikes is BAD for improving fitness. Just having a training plan won’t make you fitter by osmosis! Cycling fitness is blue collar work, you have to do the time. Detraining will set in almost immediately, and after 4 weeks of no riding you can lose most of your hard earned fitness and have to start again.
If no riding is BAD then some riding must be GOOD. Just getting on your bike and riding 2-3 times a week will have a positive effect on your fitness and wellbeing. It’s GOOD FOR YOU!
Now to get BETTER you really need to have a training plan and you need to stick to it most of the time. For most recreational cyclists 2-3 focused interval style training sessions and one endurance ride is sufficient to improve your performance. 6 hours a week, following a decent generalised plan covering all the cycling abilities, endurance, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and power, will yield BETTER RESULTS.
For BEST results you need to be 💯 committed to your training, understand your specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as the demands of your chosen disciplines. A dedicated, self aware athlete, with a specific, targeted training plan, designed and monitored by a professional coach, is THE BEST combination for BEST RESULTS.
But even the BEST LAYED PLANS go awry from time to time. We need to be adaptable, to accept circumstances and be flexible. I received an email from a client a while ago ‘ Hi Rob, I did not do the session today because my power meter had broken’. This was an eye opener! So they went from
BEST to BAD just because they could not see the data!
When you have a BEST LAYED PLAN and something goes wrong always look for the BETTER option first, then if this is not possible just do something GOOD and go ride your bike.
There are times when not riding is the BEST thing to do like when ill, injured or recovering but that’s where your coach or your common sense should help you make an intelligent decision.
So at those times when you don’t have time or motivation always think BEST - stick to your plan. BETTER - do most of what your session prescribed. GOOD - just go ride your bike, even for 15 minutes. BAD - do nothing.
It’s another weekend of suns out, guns out and the start of the greatest bike race on earth with no other serious sport to distract you.
Ride well and watch and learn