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Hear our coaches' tips, tricks and things to avoid when training, in their own words.

valuable insights from our expert coaching team to boost your cycling performance

Building on a rich history and experience of coaching and participating in cycling events worldwide, our coaches are experts in their field. From understanding unique physiology to explaining endurance plans and refining cycling performance, our coaches are continually updating our insights to bring you cutting edge coaching developments.

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What is Fitness?

Fitness is much more than just FTP. Here we discuss why and what's really important

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Recovery is the Key to Success

We see too many people work so hard on their training, creating the opportunity for improved performance, but not recovering enough to ever realise that improvement. Read how to plan and execute a perfect recovery period.

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How does your Propello Coach help you achieve your goals

There are a huge number of training plans and coaches that claim to offer an individual service but do you really know what goes into your training? Copy and paste and cookie cutter plans with tweaks are not good enough in our view, so we thought we would let you know what we do for you.

How long will it take to get fit?

How quickly can I build fitness?

Understanding how your body responds to different types of training stimulus will help you plan your training and enable you to have realistic expectations of how long it might take you to build fitness.

Carb up your ride

Carb up your ride or waste your training

Are you taking on enough fuel to make your training worthwhile? It's something you should think about. Here's what fueling could look like for you and how to get yourself used to eating at the right time on longer rides.

Artificial intelligence in cycling coaching

Artificial Intelligence will help Cycling Coaching

Is wearable AI technology likely to solve all of our problems when it comes to improving our cycling performance? The quick answer is yes - but having an abundance of data at your fingertips could cause more harm than good.

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Don’t be SMART just take AIM and Enjoy

How can you make sure that your cycling fitness goals are ambitious and inspire and motivate you? We’re challenging what you’ve traditionally been taught about goal setting and showing you how to reframe your thinking to achieve your ambitions

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What Training Should I be doing?

As ever the actual way your training evolves will be a function of how you progress and adapt as an individual.

Two of the things that annoy me about much of the training information I see lie at polar opposite ends of the coaching spectrum. On the one hand you have over-complication and at the other end you have over-simplification.

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Want to Improve FTP? Stop doing FTP Intervals.

Once aerobic efficiency has plateaued, we then progress training to slightly higher levels of aerobic intensity.

There is one common truth in all of training and that is if you stop improving, then you need to change something.