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Hear our coaches' tips, tricks and things to avoid when training, in their own words.

valuable insights from our expert coaching team to boost your cycling performance

Building on a rich history and experience of coaching and participating in cycling events worldwide, our coaches are experts in their field. From understanding unique physiology to explaining endurance plans and refining cycling performance, our coaches are continually updating our insights to bring you cutting edge coaching developments.

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What Training Should I be doing?

As ever the actual way your training evolves will be a function of how you progress and adapt as an individual.

Two of the things that annoy me about much of the training information I see lie at polar opposite ends of the coaching spectrum. On the one hand you have over-complication and at the other end you have over-simplification.

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Goals & Strategies

Accomplishment is achieved when you are successful in achieving what you set out to do. It is deeply personal and has less to do with results or competition and more to do with being the very best you can be.

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Want to Improve FTP? Stop doing FTP Intervals.

Once aerobic efficiency has plateaued, we then progress training to slightly higher levels of aerobic intensity.

There is one common truth in all of training and that is if you stop improving, then you need to change something.

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F.A.B.S. The key to athletic performance as we age?

As a cycling coach I am always looking for better ways to help my clients improve their performance. I look after many ‘masters age’ athletes and over the last few months have been devising a new training methodology that takes a more holistic approach to training, improving all round fitness and health as we age.

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Ditch the Data and find the Joy

Many of us are at a point in the training year where we have been training systematically in a data driven environment for 6-8 months.

If you have been training for 6 months, then you are very well adapted to the training you have been doing and gains from here, in this training cycle, are going to be very hard to come by.

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Are you going Hard Enough?

We see many people do all their hard interval work on hills where power is easier to come by and cadence generally is low. Whilst this workout definitely has its place, it should not be confused with effective VO2Max training.

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How to do Endurance Rides

Progressive, moderate intensity riding is a cornerstone to building the deep aerobic fitness that is the foundation of high performance on a bike.
Riding to heart rate introduces all the variables that go with how our heart rate responds to exercise on a day-to-day basis.

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Plan to train – train to the plan!

One of the major barriers to the success of the self-coached athlete is a lack of long-term planning.
Are you making sure that your training is consistent, progressive, and specific for the event/ race/challenge that you have planned to do?

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Training - It's Complicated...

Training is always about experimentation and it is important that there is an understanding between coach and athlete of the experimental nature of the endeavour.