Become a Propello coached client and fulfil your unique potential

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Our premium individual coaching experience provides the following to help transform your performance:

  • Professional, experienced, qualified, approachable Full Time Coaches.
  • Totally individualised training, based on your unique physiology, curated with WK05  Cutting Edge Technology.
  • Exceptional Client Service that feels like having your own Personal Coach.
  • Unlimited Coach Interaction.
  • Fortnightly interactive Zoom training review video calls.
  • Membership of the Propello Cycling Collective.

Our coaching is highly differentiated with a laser like focus on who you are as an individual, and by providing a very immersive and personal experience.

Coaching Fees are £150* per month

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*lower fees are available for dedicated athletes in certain situations

Private Coaching

Our Private Coaching Experience offers individuals or small groups, face to face coaching covering:

  • Cycling skill development.
  • Cycling performance tests.
  • Private consultations.
  • Wattbike training sessions.
  • Mobility and strength assessment.
  • Nutrition consultation.

Private Coaching fees are £70 per 90 minutes