Getting the right plan for you means recognising that no two athletes are the same. Our Individualised Performance Coaching starts with you and your physiological profile. We assess what stage you are at in life and the demands being placed on your body. We combine this with data and close analysis to create a coaching structure that will enable you to work towards your peak performance level. 

We are a highly skilled team of professional cycling performance coaches who deliver bespoke online coaching programmes to cyclists around the globe. We utilise current technology and trends to deliver support that is data-informed and unique to your specific physiology.  

Our system is straightforward to navigate and is designed to help you work towards your maximum training potential. Every individual we work with first participates in our 4-week onboarding programme. Here, we will establish your baseline and consult with you online so that we can get to know you and understand your lifestyle. This close communication is an important part of establishing what a realistic training week could look like for you.  

Taking this time to understand you, your needs and your goals best places us to recommend the level of coaching plan that is right for you as an individual going forward.  

Whatever your discipline, we will establish the right level of coaching to help you achieve your goals. We have worked with Road, TT, Gravel, Cyclo X, XC Mountain Biking Cyclists as well as Triathletes, Duathletes . Whether you’re a recreational cyclist or training for an event or race – we’ll take you on a training journey best suited to you as an individual.

Each of our coaching plans has been designed to be accessible to people of any fitness level or ability. The defining factor in which plan you choose will be your goals and ambitions as well as the amount of time you would like to commit to the programme. Throughout your onboarding programme, we work with you to support you in deciding the right level for your progression.

Our success is driven by a deep understanding that no two cyclists are the same. Lifestyle commitments, available training conditions, physiological and biological factors can all play a part in how we tailor your coaching. That is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to the coaching plans that we deliver. In order to achieve your goals – your coaching needs to be specific to you.

Setting you up for success

Our Signature Onboarding process is an in-depth 4-week course of discovery that we complete with every person we coach. It helps us to understand where you are at now, your goals and your ambitions. To fully personalise your coaching plan, we aim to understand you as an individual, including your lifestyle, any time constraints and your training preferences.  

This wealth of information helps us to decide which personalised coaching level will best suit you, but it is only one part of our process. We combine this information with tangible data – including baseline testing and ongoing monitoring which we’ll review with you in 1:1 consultations.    

Our tailored approach places us in an excellent position to recommend how to best take your training forward, either independently or through one of our specially-designed Individualised Performance Coaching plans.

Individualised Performance Coaching Level 1

  • Time commitment: 6-8hrs per week.
  • 30-minute training reviews via Zoom, every 4 weeks.
  • Daily appraisal of athlete feedback in Training Peaks.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp contact
  • Training Peaks Premium Subscription.

Our Level 1 plan is ideal for those who have completed our onboarding process and are looking for regular support and input from a professional cycling coach. 

This coaching level can be tailored to suit all abilities and is ideal for those who want a professional coaching service and make the most of limited training time. 

Monitoring your performance using Training Peaks, our Zoom calls and in-depth feedback are designed to keep you focused on your desired goals. 

The Level 1 Individualised Performance Coaching is delivered in 4-week blocks and we will make interim adjustments when necessary to ensure that you are maximising your training potential.       

£150 per 4 weeks.

Individualised Performance Coaching Level 2

  • Time commitment: 8-10hrs per week. 
  • 30-minute training reviews via Zoom, every 2 weeks.
  • Workouts and rides built to your own power duration curve.
  • Daily appraisal of athlete feedback in Training Peaks.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp contact.
  • Training Peaks Premium subscription.

Following on from your onboarding process, our Level 2 Individualised Performance Coaching gives you frequent contact with your professional cycling coach; this includes unlimited WhatsApp contact. 

We utilise WKO5 to develop a training plan that is unique to your physiology and features workouts that have been developed using your own power duration curve. This means that no two coaching plans are ever the same.   

As with all of our levels, coaching is specific to your desired performance outcomes. This level is suitable for a range of abilities but is geared towards the more serious competitor who has more time to train.

The Level 2 Individualised Performance Coaching is delivered in 2-week blocks. We design the programme in two-week blocks so that we can review and progress your training in a more reactive way. 

£250 per 4 weeks.

Individualised Performance Coaching Level 3

  • Time commitment:10+hrs per week. 
  • Unlimited coach contact on Zoom, WhatsApp or phone.
  • 60-minute training reviews via Zoom, every 1 week.
  • Workouts and rides built to your own power duration curve.
  • Daily review of every workout. 
  • Training Peaks Premium subscription

Our Level 3 Individualised Performance Coaching is ideal if you are training for the event of a lifetime or you are aiming to accelerate your cycling performance. This is a time-intensive coaching programme designed for those who want a continued professional coaching presence from wherever they are in the world.  

This particular level offers you unlimited contact with your coach. The coaching is specific to your desired performance outcomes and it is the perfect solution if you are looking to explore the boundaries of your physiological capabilities. 

Using WKO5, we will develop a unique training plan which will feature workouts that are built based on your own power duration curve. We will make constant adjustments to your coaching in accordance with your lifestyle and your perpetually developing physiology.  

We deliver our Level 3 Individualised Performance Coaching in flexible blocks to suit your lifestyle and offer unlimited coach contact to review your progress and training on a workout by workout basis. 

£400 per 4 weeks.