Female Specific Coaching (because cycles matter)

  • Women should train differently to men.
  • Women can be more complicated than men.
  • Women may not respond to training stimulus like men.

These are all statements we regularly hear from coaches, scientists and frustratingly, women. Never at Propello. We understand that your hormone fluctuations and physiology mean that you will respond better to a female-specific training approach. We also understand that not all cycles are “textbook” 28 days, so an individual approach is most appropriate.

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Taking the lead from Dr Stacy Sims, co author of ROAR, and creator of ‘Women Are Not Small Men’ and ‘Menopause For The Athlete’ courses, Sue is now specialising in training plans that work with your physiology – not against it.

Whatever your goals or age, Sue can help you improve through:

  • Understanding a woman’s adaption to training stress.
  • Optimising the timing of training to maximise performance gains.
  • Scheduling the appropriate amount of recovery to enhance adaptions and fitness.
  • Exploring the possibilities of exercising, competing, and smashing PBs as you grow older.

By working with you and your cycle (or lack of), Sue can develop an individual plan that is progressive and consistent. Working with you to become fitter, faster, stronger, and continue exercising or competing at your optimum level.

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