Which Programme is best for me?

Please contact us for advice on programme suitability.

How is my training programme delivered?

All of our training programmes are delivered in Training Peaks

How much time do I need to spend riding and training?

Bespoke – Tailored to individual client.

Do I have to use a turbo trainer?

A combination of outside and indoors training will be specified

Do I have to hit the exact power targets on the workouts?

No. The power numbers for the workouts are suggested wattages not specific targets. They are there as a guide to help you hit the correct intensity.

Road Rides

What if I don’t have time for all of the road rides in my programme?

We can provide alternative turbo sessions that will provide similar training stress

What do I do if the weather is bad?

If the weather really is too bad to ride outside then substitute your road ride for an indoor turbo workout.


What type of bike do I need?

A serviceable and roadworthy bike will suffice.

What type of turbo trainer do I need?

A Turbo trainer is simply a device that enables you to ride your bike, stationary, indoors. There are literally hundreds to choose from offering various levels of functionality to suit a very wide range of budgets. There are various buying guides available on the internet.


What do I do if I have a question?

Please make an enquiry on our website or use our Facebook page. We respond to all questions quickly.