Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by our clients

What is the Onboarding Process?

Our bespoke onboarding process is a four-week discovery programme and a period of preliminary coaching where we work with you to define what your cycling objectives are and your current strengths and areas for improvement. Find out more about our onboarding process.

Do I need to complete the onboarding process?

Yes. We carry out this initial onboarding process with everyone we coach. It is important for us to understand your needs and establish a baseline for future coaching. Read more about our onboarding process.

Which level is best for me?

Every client we coach begins by entering into our 4-week onboarding process. As well as gathering your initial performance data, we also work with you to understand your needs and goals. We establish what a realistic training week looks like for you as an individual.

We will then recommend which level we think best suits your needs. By this point, you will have a good understanding of what each plan entails and where your current ability level is. You are free to choose whichever level you prefer.

How will the coaching be delivered?

Our coaching is delivered to you remotely wherever you are in the world. We will keep in touch with you via email, WhatsApp or Zoom and the amount of contact with your coach varies in accordance with which level you choose.

All coaching is delivered using Training Peaks, and your subscription is included as part of our coaching plans. We will fully demonstrate and explain how this software works during your initial Zoom consultation and as part of your onboarding process.

Coaching is billed in 4-week blocks and we will set weekly training plans, adjusting and progressing in accordance with the data being collected during your training sessions and your qualitative feedback.

How will the coaching be bespoke to me?

Our coaching levels are designed to be suitable for any ability. The determining factor when choosing which level suits you best is usually the amount of time you have available to train and what your overall goal is.

Coaching is designed to be completely unique to you. In order to do this, we take into account your personal physiology, your training history and things such as your lifestyle and training patterns. This is done during your initial onboarding process and it means that we can recommend the appropriate level for you and create a coaching plan that is specific to your needs.

Then, as you progress to a level, we will use data collected from your real-time training to make appropriate amendments to your coaching. In our 1:1 meetings, we also discuss how things are going for you and use this to make further recommendations.

What teleconferencing is used for video calls?

We use Zoom for our 1:1 sessions with you, using the screen share function to demonstrate and discuss data and results.

How much time do I need to spend training?

The amount of time you spend training depends on how much time you have available, your weekly commitments and any specific goals you might have, for example, an upcoming event. Each coaching level explains the type of time commitment required from you to get the best results from the programme.

What kit or equipment do I need?

To get the most from our coaching, we recommend that you have the following equipment:

  • A bike with a speed and cadence sensor, and ideally a power meter.

  • An indoor turbo trainer, ideally one that broadcasts power data.

  • A subscription to a training software application such as Zwift to enhance your training experience.

  • A heart rate monitor to display and record your heart rate.

  • A bike computer to record your rides.

If you would like to discuss any of the equipment requirements further, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through it and make suitable recommendations.

Do I have to hit exact power targets in my workout?

No. The power numbers for the workouts are suggested wattages, not specific targets. They are there as a guide to help you hit the correct intensity.

What if I don’t have time to train outdoors or the weather is bad?

Our coaching makes it possible to train throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. We can provide similar indoor sessions that will provide similar training benefits.

What sort of data do you measure?

We measure a huge variety of performance metrics. These include power, heart rate, cadence, power balance, intensity factor, and training load.

What is Training Peaks?

Training Peaks is a software application that allows us to plan, record and analyse your training. A Training Peaks Premium subscription is included for you as part of our coaching plans. We will fully demonstrate and explain how this software works as part of your onboarding process. Find out more about this and the other software we use over on our coaching page.

What is WKO5?

WKO5 is a sophisticated analytical tool that uses every piece of your power data to individualise your training and maximise your performance with science-based training innovations.

How do I place an order with you?

Please email us to book an initial consultation.

How do I pay for coaching?

Coaching is paid for in 4-week subscriptions which we manage using a software application called SuperPay. We will send you a recurring payment link, then you add the card details you wish to use for the regular payment.

Who is our coaching suitable for?

Our coaching is suitable for people who are looking to make significant improvements to their performance or are targeting races or events with specific fitness demands. Our team has years of combined experience in a wide variety of disciplines. We are able to design coaching plans for almost anyone, regardless of age, physiology, or ability. Treating everyone as an individual, we design your training based on your specific needs.

I’m already an established cyclist. Are there any other options available?

We offer virtual consultations. Up to 60 minutes long, these premium coaching consultations are designed for those who train independently but would like one-off or regular advice.

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