Your Best Coaching Experience

We are coaches who are focused on our clients’ experience, not building a big business. We think that enjoyment, fun and fulfilment should be at the forefront of every amateur cyclists’ training. We coach at all levels and all ages, from first time sportive riders to National Champions and GB representatives, from teenagers to septuagenarians! We have years of riding and coaching experience and have raced and ridden all over the world.

Coaching has to be more than delivering good training plans which are readily available on the internet for modest cost or even free. It also has to be more than delivering a watered down version of what the pros might do! What is 100% clear to us is that the training we prescribe to you has to be totally individual and that means we consider things that are unique to you when we design your plan.

Clearly your strengths and weaknesses should be at the very heart of your training plan but that’s pretty simple to diagnose and remedy. If you are going to race or enter a tough event then the physiological demands of that event will be a fundamental input to your plan. Any coach worth a monthly fee should be able to deliver this to you. The planning of your training season and building the specific workouts is not rocket science.

We understand that we have to offer you something of real value that is hard to replicate.

“Above all, we aim to provide the best client experience from any coaching company in the World.” Rob Wakefield – Founder

Individual Coaching

Our Individual Coaching Experience is as individual as you are. We invest time to get to know you. We have a laser like focus on your individual objectives and goals. Every training plan is uniquely designed. We don’t have different tiers, everyone gets the same high quality service and we limit how many clients each coach works with.

This is how we set it up:

  1. First up we get to know you, your lifestyle, job, family commitments and your history in cycling and sport more generally.
  2. We will agree a goal or set of goals that are important to you. The goals might be specific or might be more nebulous. Whatever works for you.
  3. Your individual training plan will be specific to your goals and your abilities. For example, if your goal is to be at peak fitness for a big sportive, then your training will be planned to ensure that you reach a fitness peak, that matches the demand of your event, at the right time. If your goal is to maintain a good overall level of fitness at all times, then your plan will work on all the fitness abilities concurrently, maintaining a more constant level of training.
  4. Your preferred style of training will be taken into consideration. Indoor, outdoor, Zwift Races, favourite routes, road, MTB, Gravel……….you choose how you want to train and keep motivated.
  5. We build you a totally unique training plan that can be as structured or flexible as you want.

This is how it works:

  1. We provide you with Training Peaks Premium which is the software application we use to manage your training and track your progress.
  2. Your training will planned, reviewed and progressed every 2 weeks after an interactive Zoom video call with your coach.
  3. For those training with power we use WK05 training and analysis software to individualise your training to your unique physiological profile.
  4. We read every comment you leave in Training Peaks and respond to your feedback within 24hrs.
  5. We offer you unlimited coach support and contact (there must be a limit but no client has ever found it yet!).
  6. We provide you with nutrition guidelines. Individual Nutrition Coaching can be arranged.
  7. We provide you with cycling specific strength and conditioning sessions. Individual Coaching can be arranged.

Connect with us by hitting the button below and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Private Coaching

Our Private Coaching Experience offers individuals or small groups, face to face coaching covering:

  • Cycling skill development.
  • Cycling performance tests.
  • Private consultations.
  • Wattbike training sessions.
  • Mobility and strength assessment.
  • Nutrition consultation.

Private Coaching fees are £45 per hour

Club Training Plans

Stand-alone Club Cycling Training Plans, are designed for groups or individuals that seek an effective and time efficient Cycling Training Plan with no ongoing coach support. Our Club Training System is a 44 week training plan delivered in 8 blocks of 4 weeks progressive training, followed by a 12 week maintenance plan. Our system is a proven method of building a deep level of all round cycling fitness and maintaining it throughout the summer period They can be purchased on our Training Peaks Store.