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The Propello Modular Training Programmes have been designed for athletes that are self sufficient with their training and want to improve specific aspects of their cycling. Designed by ABCC Level 3 Coach Rob Wakefield, the Training Plans are delivered in Training Peaks and provide a progressive and structured training approach that will develop specific aspects of  cycling fitness to ensure that you deliver your best performance when you need it.

The programmes have been developed by ABCC Coach Rob Wakefield to build your fitness week on week in an easy to follow format that requires no ongoing coach support beyond initial set up.

What do you get?

– Initial coach support to help you get going (30 minute consultation)
– Time efficient training programme that is structured, progressive and achievable.
– Two to four workouts per week that can be ridden indoors or outside and road rides with suggested drills.
– Suggested power targets and associated training zones.
– Threshold heart rate, power test and training zone calculator.
– All workouts are built in the new workout builder meaning they can be exported to 3rd party applications.
– Propello mailing list for blog articles, training advice, event strategy, nutrition articles and much more…