The Propello Coaching Plans give you access to our very latest ideas, programmes and workouts designed by our expert cycling, running, swimming and strength and conditioning coaches.  The training is designed and managed using cutting edge training technology to ensure that each athlete makes the necessary improvements in their performance, to maximise their potential at their given disciplines in the most time effective way. When we design training plans for our riders, runners or swimmers, we know what type of training is needed for them to excel at the type of events that they have planned for the season. Once planned, we monitor progress by checking training consistency, intensity and fatigue to ensure that each athlete is getting the most benefit from their training. Regular coach interaction and face to face meetings or Skype calls ensure that an open and knowledgeable relationship is formed between coach and athlete. This is important to make sure that both the qualitative and quantitative training information is taken into account.

1-2-1 Coaching Silver Gold Platinum
Training Peaks account Premium Premium Premium +WKO
Training schedule planned Monthly Monthly Fortnightly
Plan Type  Personalised Event Specific Fully Individual
Training Performance Review Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Coach Meeting/Call 1 per month 2 per month Anytime
Set up cost £75 £100 £125
Monthly fee single sport £58 £122 £247
Monthly fee multi sport £78 £155 £301
Local Squad Coaching
Training Peaks account Premium
Training schedule planned Monthly
Plan Type Squad Specific
Training Performance Review Monthly
Meeting with coach 2 per month
Gym & Wattbike Yes
Monthly fee single sport  £85
 Monthly fee multi sport  £105
Couples memberships  POA
1-2-1 or small group classes  £35 per hour