Complete Training Programmes

Fast Improvement Training

Individual Coaching

Why Train and have a Coach?

Training and coaching is not just for elite, national standard athletes. Here at Propello we embrace the socially inclusive nature of cycling and have developed a range of training programmes and coaching services to suit a variety of abilities and budgets.

If you are goal oriented, if you believe in yourself and have ambition, if you demonstrate commitment, are inquisitive and enjoy being healthy and improving your performance, then training and coaching will help you be the athlete you want to be.

All the Propello Training and Coaching services are delivered using a common framework, bringing together many of the latest scientific concepts in cycle training, as well as drawing on our own experience, and that of many of our cycling friends.

An organised training programme will encourage many physiological adaptions of the body that enable high performance. Increased aerobic capacity, higher lactate thresholds and improved economy are the three most important physiological predictors of cycling performance. Cutting through the scientific jargon –  an organised training programme will improve strength, speed and endurance capabilities. By improving these three cornerstones of cycling performance you will be able to apply more pedal force, with faster leg rotations for increased durations of time. It really is as simple as that.

Propello delivers two levels of Complete Training Programmes, Sportive and Race. These programmes are the perfect training preparation for a huge variety of cycling events. In addition we offer a series of Fast Improvement Programmes for those who want to improve specific elements of their cycling. At the top end, our Individual Coaching service is designed for those that want a fully individual programme and have their own one to one, totally personal, relationship with their coach.