I never set Propello up to be a club. To me a club means to conform – rules, committees, meetings, politics, ties! – all the things we are trying to escape from!

As Groucho Marx once said  “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”

Propello is a Cycling Collective. A gang of like minded people who just love riding bikes in their many forms, leading a fit & healthy life, and sharing great experiences. If that’s on our our local road rides, riding the boards, getting muddy on MTB trails, exploring everything on an adventure gravel bike, or training hard to win events and races we embrace it all.

To belong to the Propello Cycling Collective you have to really love riding bikes, be a decent human being and sign up, in return for a once yearly fee of £120.  All riders benefit from…

  • A limited edition Propello Classic cycling jersey from NoPinz, every season.
  • The Propello Cycling Collective secret Facebook page with lots of handy information and tips.
  • Organisation of group events both in UK and abroad.
  • Propello social & training rides.
  • Access to discounted Individual or Group coaching
  • Complimentary consultations with experienced and qualified coaches.
  • Impartial product and technical advice.
  • End of season awards party and other ad hoc social gatherings.

We have 4 carefully chosen pelotons to enhance your riding experience. To take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s your journey. Start it…

Join The Collective

Social Peloton

Think about getting that old bike out and riding to cafes to eat some delicious food, drink something that will make your taste buds dance, discovering new friends and bonding, learning about bikes and how to ride, discovering a new you and exploring the countryside. Nothing is too serious, nothing is too fast, we come together and we ride as one.

Event Peloton

So now you can ride, maybe found your riding gang and want to get fitter and become a more accomplished rider. A world of amazing events awaits, Sportives, Charity Rides, Gran Fondos both home and away. Ride for fun or ride for a cause. Great people and experiences await.

Adventure Peloton

Are you ready to explore? Move further afield, to travel, to meet people from other places. To experience bikes in their different forms, on road, off road, guided by a map or maybe just the sun and moon. Overnight stays in a BnB, a gite, chateaux, or maybe just a bivouac. The world is waiting for you. Explore it.

Race Peloton

Are you seeking high performance? Do you want to discover just how good you could be? To experience what it feels like to get the most out of your human body, to test your strength, your resolve, your determination. Road race, ultra distance, time trial, MTB downhill, Gran Fondo, Ironman. It’s your race. Compete it.