Our Mission

Propello is passionate about cycling performance, delivering high quality Training Programmes and Individual Coaching to all types of cyclists – from road racers to mountain bike adventurers, from youth riders to competitive masters athletes. Our clients are wonderfully diverse.

Our mission is simple – to help you become the athlete you want to be and to realise your true potential. Be it lifestyle, training or event goals, improving your cycling on club rides, sportives, races or long distance endurance events, we are here to coach you all the way. Our service is built upon three core values:

  1. Understand our clients lives, aspirations, passions and ambitions and take time to listen, encourage and motivate.
  2. Deliver excellence in everything we do, ask for feedback so that we can improve what we deliver.
  3. Constantly innovate by keeping up to date with new ideas, through education and listening to what other riders and coaches have to say.

The Propello Training Programmes and Individual Coaching services are designed to continuously improve the efficiency of the body to deliver an improved standard of performance.

All cyclists who are looking to improve their speed, endurance or strength will benefit from an organised training programme.