Our Mission

“Propello exists to help people realise their cycling potential”

Client Testimonials

“Propello is decidedly personal in its approach – the most “user friendly” and responsive coach I’ve ever had, and he’s able to interpret my stats in a way which not only makes sense to me, but also allows me to really understand my strengths and the areas I need to focus on developing.  As someone who travels a lot and does not have a vast amount of free time, this is essential for me, and I have seen results quickly, which is particularly gratifying.  Propello certainly have a unique “product” – very personal, and quick to respond and adapt your training load to fit your work/life schedule.”  Alan – Isle of Wight


“From having been a keen cyclist in my youth, 25 years later I want to get back into it properly. But at my lowest ever ebb of fitness with dad-bod having taken over, and during a highly stressful period in my career, Rob was able work with me remotely in the US to construct a realistic but ambitious schedule and training plan to enable me to push myself physically while progressively rebuilding by fitness, and competence and versatility as a rider. In 12 short months I’ve reached a level of holistic health I could never have imagined, not just achieving much higher levels of physical fitness and healthy weigh loss, but it’s left me really well equipped to manage my stress levels. And best of all I’m now able to enjoy some of the finest classic cycling routes that Northern California has to offer.” James – San Francisco

“I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for everything you’ve done for my cycling career, which has not only had a huge impact on my development as an athlete but as a person in general. Your guidance over the past couple of years has transformed me into the person I am today and I don’t feel like I would have had the confidence to apply to a university like Loughborough without your help. I know you didn’t have to do all of this for me and i’m immensely grateful for all the time you’ve invested in me and the team as a whole. The skills you have given me will enable me to grab all the opportunities that come my way and I will continue to push myself physically and mentally to fulfil my potential as an athlete.” George – Sponsored Junior Team Rider


“Rob has taken me from a unfit mother of two who occasionally rode a Mountain bike. To a confident cyclist who has now completed 2 x JoBerg2c (9 days 900km on a MTB bike) the TOW and the Mallorca 225 just to mention a few. Trusting the training and having the support of a coach has been invaluable and with the added benefit of Rob’s organised friendly women’s rides, I have met an amazing group of strong women, who have taught me that if you want it go for it. The training is now just a part of my life. Wouldn’t change it for the world.” Caryn – South Africa

“Propello has massively helped me develop as a rider, from the old school of training ( if it don’t hurt it’s not doing me any good) Rob has shown me new methods of training which have helped me immensely, I don’t overtrain anymore and my time is used much more wisely. Can highly recommend!” John – Yorkshire Dales


“I have been coached by Rob for three years now and very pleased with what I have been able to achieve (Tour of Wessex x2 , Wicklow 200, Cardiff Velothon x 2, Mallorca 312 x2) and what still lies ahead (Marmotte Alpes). As well as my overall improvement in all aspects of cycling I like the speed of response to any and every query or tweak to the training plan. The sessions have the habit of finding just the right intensity, ie start relatively easy, by the middle working hard and by the end you are glad to finish knowing you have completed a worthwhile session.” Mike – Somerset

“Propello and their insights have dramatically changed what I thought I was capable of. I reached a major life goal with their help and never thought the goal post would move beyond that, but it has and it keeps shifting. Very relatable, non judgemental support. Ive learnt some very valuable life lessons from them” Jacs – Devon