The Propello Individual Coaching Plans give you access to our very latest ideas, programmes and workouts.  The training is designed and managed using cutting edge training technology to ensure that each rider makes the necessary improvements in their performance, to maximise their potential at their given discipline in the most time effective way. When we design training plans for our coached riders, we know what type of training is needed for them to excel at the type of events that they have planned for the season. Once planned, we monitor progress by checking training consistency, intensity and fatigue to ensure that each rider is getting the most benefit from their training. Regular coach interaction and face to face meetings or Skype calls ensure that a healthy relationship is formed between coach and rider. This is important to ensure that the real life and human element of training is always taken into consideration.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Training Peaks account Premium Premium Premium +WKO Premium +WKO
Initial consultation 30min 30min 60min 90min
Historical Performance Review No Yes Yes Yes
Training schedule planned Monthly Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
Plan Updates 2 per month 4 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Plan Type  Personalised Event Specific Fully Individual Fully Individual
Training Performance Review No Fortnightly Weekly Daily
Skype/Phone/Meeting with coach 1 per month 2 per month Anytime Anytime
Emails/Text Contact 2 per month 4 per month Unlimited Unlimited+Whatsapp
Individual power file review No Yes Yes Yes
 Annual Training Plan (ATP)  No Yes  Yes  Yes
Set up cost £75 £100 £125 £150
Monthly fee £58 £122 £247 £335
Availability 2017-18 Season 10 4 Full Full

All our Individual Coaching plans are personalised to the athlete. Our structured workouts are personalised using power, heart rate or perceived effort so that you know exactly at what intensity, you as an individual athlete, should be working. The power and heart rate workouts can be exported to third party training applications such as Trainer Road or Zwift or simply loaded onto a Garmin for easy step by step instructions. We don’t lock you into contracts or minimum terms as we are confident that once you have experienced Propello Coaching you will hooked.

We have 4 levels of Individual Coaching to suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

  • The Bronze gives you access to our proven coaching services and a standard, personalised training plan at an affordable price.
  • The Silver provides all the benefit of the Bronze plus more feedback and coach contact. We also provide individual workout analysis. If you require more regular coach interaction and help managing your training, then this is the level for you.
  • The Gold provides all the benefits of the Silver plus a fully individual training programme, fortnightly written feedback, access to unlimited email/Skype/phone coach time, an Annual Training Plan and WK04 account. If you require a very flexible and individual training programme, regular coach interaction, or cutting edge training processes then this is the level for you.
  • The Platinum provides all the benefits of the Gold with unlimited coach interaction and feedback plus WhatsApp account. Training is planned weekly and feedback will provided on every workout every week.  If you require very regular contact with your coach and a training programme that requires frequent changes due to work or performance factors, then this is the level for you.