“Hi Rob, smashed it ( for me anyway) 4 hours 37, I had hoped to go under 5 hours but this result is way beyond any expectation I had.” Mike from Taunton

“Having a cycling coach was something I had not considered or thought I needed but it’s made a massive difference to my cycling and fitness. I have been coached by Rob at Propello since October 2016 and I have seen massive improvements in my cycling. I now even feature on some female top 10’s on hill climbs which isn’t something I thought I’d ever achieve and my power, endurance and speed have all improved beyond my expectations. I have cut out the ‘junk miles’ and now have a focus and purpose to my training rides and turbos. I love being accountable to someone and having set workouts which I find helps me to stick to the programme and commit to my training. Rob is understanding and human and will offer advice and changes to your training to fit cycling in around your life and work. Deciding to become coached by Propello was the best cycling investment I have made.” Sarah D

Why have a Coach?

Hiring a Coach is not just for elite, national standard athletes. Here at Propello we embrace the socially inclusive and democratic nature of cycling and have developed a range of coaching services to suit a variety of abilities and budgets.

There are very few riders who can objectively self coach and fully realise their potential – believe me, even our coaches have coaches to help with their training. Anyone can do some workouts and rides and become fitter. But have you ever wondered how good you could actually become?

A professional cycle coach will be able to write better training plans, assess your strengths and weaknesses in a far more objective way and critically optimise your training so that you perform amazingly at your events and races. A good coach will be able to:

  • Design a training plan that addresses your key strengths and weaknesses.
  • React to changes in fitness and modify training.
  • Help you through periods of poor health.
  • Avoid injury and overtraining.
  • Adapt your training to fit around work and family life.
  • Provide emotional support when things get tough.
  • Choose races and events that suit you as a rider.
  • Provide objective analysis of results.

In my experience self coached riders tend to:

  • Just focus on the elements of their cycling that they are already good at.
  • Don’t react to changes and just keep doing the same thing time and time again.
  • Try and train through periods of illness.
  • Train too hard, too early and become injured.
  • Are not realistic with their time demands.
  • Tend not to talk to anyone when things don’t work out as planned or get tough.
  • Choose unsuitable races and events given their physiology and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Rarely analyse results.

This is why 95%+ of riders never reach anywhere near their potential, become frustrated and get slower and slower.

If you are goal oriented, if you believe in yourself and have ambition, if you demonstrate commitment, are inquisitive and enjoy being healthy and improving your performance, then training and coaching will help you be the athlete you want to be.

All the Propello Training and Coaching services are delivered using a common framework, bringing together many of the latest scientific concepts in cycle training, as well as drawing on our own experience, and that of many of our cycling friends.

An organised training programme will encourage many physiological adaptions of the body that enable high performance. Increased aerobic capacity, higher lactate thresholds and improved economy are the three most important physiological predictors of cycling performance. Cutting through the scientific jargon –  an organised training programme will improve strength, speed and endurance capabilities. By improving these three cornerstones of cycling performance you will be able to apply more pedal force, with faster leg rotations for increased durations of time. It really is as simple as that.

All our Individual Coaching plans are specific to the desired outcome and personalised to the athlete. All our structured workouts are personalised using power, heart rate or perceived effort so that you know exactly at what intensity, you as an individual athlete, should be working.

Propello also delivers two levels of Complete Training Programmes, Sportive and Sportive Plus. These programmes have been designed for athletes that are self sufficient with their training and are the perfect preparation for a huge variety of cycling events. In addition we offer a series of Modular Training Plans and Guides for those who want to improve specific elements of their cycling.

I have experienced great improvements working with Rob as my coach. Working on the training programme specific to me has boosted power figures in my weak areas. I have developed significantly in my sprint and have continued to improve my race endurance. Rob has helped me turn from a pure time trailist in my previous season into a much more versatile, well rounded rider which has enabled me to achieve my season goals.” Evan – Junior Racer

Considering I have only been riding a year, I did not think I would have achieved what I have. I certainly could not of done it without the help of Rob, Jon and more recently Sue. In just one year I have learnt a ridiculous amount about cycling, from training rides right up to racing! Having any of the coaches just a message away or even a 1-2-1 meeting if required is great, always supporting and giving their expertise to help me better my cycling abilities wherever needed.” Olly – Youth A Racer

Individual Coaching

Complete Training Plans

Modular Training Plans

I joined Propello a year ago and in that time have achieved far more than I ever expected, having ridden further and higher than I thought possible for someone who does not have a cycling background.  I cycled my first 100km and will soon be going for my first 100 mile ride, all thanks to the training, encouragement and enthusiasm – not to mention humour – of the Propello team!” Tracy F

I’m just emailing you, to tell you that on Sunday in La Marmotte Gran Fondo  I achieved a Silver Medal place for my age category and achieved my objective, thanks to my hard work and your guidance and programmes. Whilst I struggled in the latter stages of the programme balancing life’s commitments around my training, Sunday was a very special day as it all worked out, and cresting the Alpe at the end knowing I’d achieved what I set out to do last November was fantastic! I saw you too got a gold, congratulations, leading by example I see!” Rob – Sportive Plus programme